Hello hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve written an actual blog post, so bear with me. But Dylan and I just recently (June 4, 2020) moved to Denver, Colorado and have started to check out some hiking! I thought a blog post would be a fun way for us to keep track of where we’ve been, as well as share recommendations for anyone else who might be interested! So far we have been absolutely loving it and are continuously blown away at this beautiful state that is now our home.

Also, I’ve been creating vlogs of our adventures on YouTube! If you’re interested in checking those out, click here.


Hikes we’ve done:

  • Lookout Mountain (Golden, CO) – This was a perfect “beginner” hike for us! It’s about 1.2 miles to the top, so 2.5 miles (ish) round trip. It also wasn’t super busy, which is nice. There was plenty of room for people to spread out at the top of the hike if you want to take pictures, have a snack, etc. The views were beautiful and it’s only 25-30 minutes outside of Denver!

  • St. Mary’s Glacier (Idaho Springs, CO) – We absolutely LOVED this one. It was a pretty steep incline to get to the glacier, but it was only about 0.5 mile so it didn’t take long. There were quite a few people hanging out around the glacier, but it’s a big enough area that we weren’t bothered by it. The glacier was absolutely STUNNING! We didn’t know for sure what to expect, but we were extremely blown away. We walked around the glacier a little bit and then decided to hike up the top of the mountain right next to the glacier and the views were even better! It was another steep hike but we are so glad we decided to do it. It’s a perfect place to pack a lunch and hang out for a little bit. This area is about an hour outside of Denver, and the entire drive was gorgeous! Highly recommend.

  • The Royal Arch (Boulder, CO – Chautauqua Park) – If you see this hike ranked “difficult” online, it’s true LOL. It’s not necessarily super long, about 3.25 miles total, but it was a steep incline and very rocky. However, we did think the view was pretty awesome! The top is an overlook of Boulder, which is pretty cool to see. It does get pretty crowded though so it was a bit harder to walk about the “royal arch” rock formation at the top because other groups of people were hanging out. Definitely a great hike to do, just bring lots of water and be prepared! It was about 35 minutes away from where we live and the hike took about 2 hours total.

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