As an early birthday/Christmas gift I surprised Dylan with tickets for a Keith Urban concert at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas! So we spent a weekend going to the concert, celebrating his birthday, and exploring Vegas. I thought it would be fun to share our experience, where we stayed, what we would recommend doing, etc. because Vegas has a LOT to offer! But it can also get expensive real quick so I wanted to share some money saving tips if you’re wanting to go to Vegas anytime, or really anywhere.


We flew with Allegiant for this trip. My mom had recommended checking out Allegiant and Frontier, as they are smaller regional airlines that often have more affordable prices, and I’m glad we did! Compared to everything else, it was definitely cheaper for our dates. But always compare! The kicker with the smaller airlines is that they only have select dates/times for flights, so there may not always be options that work for you. They also don’t have some of the perks that other airlines have. We were able to have one free personal bag, so the purse or backpack that you have with you under your seat. But if you want a carry on (overhead) or a checked bag, that costs extra. We did take one checked bag and it was a total of $60 I believe, $30 each way. It was cheaper to do that online ahead of time instead of at the airport as well. So those are just a few things to factor in when you’re choosing a flight!


The tricky thing about Vegas is that the majority of hotels were also casinos and had their own restaurants etc. So, almost all of these places also had a “resort fee” added onto the cost, so even if it was only $80/night, it also tacked on an extra $50/day (ish) resort fee. So that obviously can add up pretty quick! We decided to stay at a hotel about 1.5 miles from the strip. It was much cheaper and also had free breakfast every morning, which saves a LOT of money, especially with Dylan’s appetite 🙂 When we went to California last summer we quickly realized how much food adds up so that was something we were a lot more aware of this time around. The hotel we stayed at also had a free shuttle that took you to/from the strip and the airport, so we took advantage of that a few times which was nice.

The hotel we stayed at is linked here. It was nice and clean, the breakfast was good, so we didn’t have any complaints about it!


Like I said, we did take advantage of the hotel shuttle a few times. But there were also times that we were going other places the shuttle didn’t go, so we utilized Uber and Lyft a lot. I highly recommend downloading both apps, just so you can always compare. For us, Lyft was actually almost always $1-2 cheaper. However, these services still do add up a lot so I highly recommend having a plan for your day so you can be more efficient with your transportation. The strip is a lot longer than we realized so we ended up using Lyft or Uber a few times because we were running a bit later than we wanted and walking takes longer obviously. So plan ahead and if you can walk, just walk!

Food & Drinks

Our favorite part 😉 For real though, Vegas has a ton of great restaurants and we hardly even scratched the surface. Like I said, we ate breakfast at the hotel each morning which really helped to save money. We also took fruit, muffins, yogurt, etc. with us from the breakfast each morning to have as snacks for later. When it comes to eating out, be prepared for it to be ridiculous lol. We got Smashburger at Caesar’s Palace as a quick supper before the concert and it was $38 for 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks, and 2 fries. A “fast food” meal in the midwest costs half of that. So with that, just be overly prepared financially. On Saturday and Sunday night we went to buffets and I think we would both say that you definitely got your money’s worth with those, especially if you’re wanting to drink because a lot of buffets have an “all you can drink” add on for around $12-15 per person, which is a STEAL. We each got a drink at Caesar’s Palace before the concert and it was around $30, like WHAT. So we highly recommend taking advantage of the buffets if you’re wanting to drink!

At Casinos there at waitresses that will go around giving you free drinks while you’re gambling, so that’s another way to save money on drinks. However, we noticed that every Casino was different with that. Some had waitresses going around everywhere offering drinks, and some didn’t have nearly as many and/or they were kind of selective about who they went up to. Plus we were not getting very lucky with gambling so decided to quit with that haha.

This is where we ate:

  • Smashburger @ Caesar’s Palace – good but expensive, just like any other Smashburger
  • Harrah’s Food Court – pizza by the slice ($7 each), so that was more affordable and the slices were HUGE
  • Paradise Buffet on Fremont Street – this was definitely one of the cheaper ones we could find and we really liked it!
  • Luxor Buffet – another affordable option that we both really liked
  • We also got pizza delivered the night after the concert because we were starving and it was like $20 so that’s always cheap too haha!


Activities + Entertainment

The nice thing about Vegas is that there are lot of things to check out for a low cost, if not free. There are a TON of Casinos! They all have their own theme and certain things going on so it’s fun to check them all out.

Things we did:

  • Keith Urban Concert @ Caesar’s Palace – this was our main reason for coming to Vegas and it was definitely our favorite part! But I do encourage you to check out other shows/concerts going on while you’re there. I think if we went back we’d try to find other things to do at night.
  • Piano Bar at Harrah’s Casino – So we didn’t actually end up doing this but I really wish we would’ve! It’s every night and free, so you can always check it out and if it’s not your thing you don’t lose anything.
  • Fountains at Bellagio – They go every 15 minutes and all of the shows are different!
  • Red Rock Canyon – This is where we went hiking and we absolutely loved it! It is about 40 minutes outside of Vegas so it was kind of an expensive Uber, but we thought it was 100% worth it.
  • Welcome to Las Vegas Sign – Super touristy, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Totally free and fun to get a picture with.
  • Fremont Street – TONS of quality people watching LOL. We went on Saturday night and loved it! There was a ton of live music going on, which is fun to hang out and listen to. Plus tons of street entertainers that are quite interesting to walk around and see.
  • The Strip – Obviously! But keep in mind that the strip is LONG. Like really long. So I encourage you to plan ahead and basically start from one end and go from there. We didn’t realize how far apart everything actually is and then you end up wasting time or money getting an Uber because you’re bouncing all over the place.
  • Grand Canal Shoppes – These were apart of the Venetian hotel on the strip and really cool! I just realized that we didn’t even do any shopping? Unless you count the sunglasses we bought at Red Rock Canyon for hiking haha. But the thing with a lot of the store in all the casinos and hotels is that they’re all designer stores sooo yeah hard pass. We went into Lucky Brand and there was a black casual jacket for $450, like WHAT. Anywhoo, still cool to walk around and check everything out!

As far as night life goes, we don’t really have any recommendations because we didn’t go “clubbing”. It was just the two of us and drinks were expensive so we decided to hold off on that part. I think we would enjoy going back in the warmer months with friends when you can do pool parties and all that fun stuff!

Overall, we had a lot of fun! It was a great little weekend getaway to celebrate Dylan’s birthday. I hope this information is helpful whether you’re planning on going to Vegas, or just traveling anywhere! That was our second vacation/trip together and I can’t wait for our next one 🙂

If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can go to the “Contact Me” page at the top or message me on Instagram (@kristen.ferry).

Until next time,

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