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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a regular blog post so I’m really excited about this! Life has been crazy lately so I am really looking forward to ROUTINE. I was home for Christmas break for 3 weeks, then came back to Ames for school for 4 days, then me and Dylan went to Vegas for his birthday weekend! We saw a Keith Urban concert, which is our absolute favorite. He’s just amazing. Then we spent the weekend exploring and checking everything out! It was so fun and nice to just spend a few days together without having to worry about anything else. I plan on doing a blog post about Vegas, what we did, our suggestions, etc. so stay tuned for that if you’re interested! A lot of it will also apply to traveling in general, so even if you’re not planning on going to Vegas anytime soon it’ll still have some good info 🙂

With it being the New Year, a lot of people are making health related goals and I think that is amazing. But it can be hard! And I never want people to think that you have to start restricting yourself and going on some hard core diet to see results. It can be simple! And that’s why I wanted to share some basic tips with you guys to hopefully make it all a bit easier.

1. Drink more water!

Many people don’t realize that they hardly drink any water throughout the day. Increasing your water intake will help your body’s systems to work more efficiently so you feel less bloated and more satiated. Aim for 100-130 oz. a day! Here is a blog post that has some additional tips for drinking more water.

2. Prioritize sleep!

This is extremely underrated. Just because you can “get by” on 5 hours of sleep every night, it doesn’t mean you should. Getting an adequate amount of quality sleep does wonders for your health! Aim for 7-8 hours each night.

3. Find exercise you enjoy!

Everyone has different preferences on exercise. You can lift weights, swim, go to a group fitness class, workout at home, the list goes on! Find what works for you. The plan that works best is the one that you can actually stick to.

4. Increase movement throughout the day!

A lot of us don’t realize how sedentary we really are throughout the day. You may spend an hour exercising, but the rest of the day you’re sitting at a desk or at home. I encourage you to aim for 8,000-10,000 steps a day! Utilize a fitness tracker watch or your smartphone to track them. Add in 10 minutes of walking before or after your workout, get up and walk around during your lunch break, park farther away at the grocery store, etc.

5. Increase your protein and veggies!

This time of year is when many people think they need to start restricting. Try switching that mindset to consuming MORE of the good stuff! Protein is essential for building muscle (more muscle = bodies burn more fat = what we all want) and it keeps us full. Vegetables contain tons of beneficial micronutrients, and you can eat a lot for a smaller amount of calories. Focus on increasing your protein and vegetable intake at each meal! I also supplement with Opti-Greens 50 to ensure I’m getting in tons of micronutrients and maintaining a healthy gut!

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There is wayyy too much confusing information out there about “diets” and “weight loss” so I wanted to give you some tips to make things SIMPLE! After all, the best plan is the one you will actually stick to. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! There is a “Contact Me” page at the top of this website where you can email me, you can also message me on Instagram (@kristen.ferry).

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