Hey friends! This is my first blog post regarding supplements and I’m really excited to share some information and educate you guys as much as I can. I know that supplementation can be a very confusing and overwhelming topic for a lot of people, which is why I decided to start doing blog posts for each of the supplements that I personally take on a regular basis and why I take them. PLEASE comment below or always feel free to message me (my Instagram is @fitnessbykristen) with any questions you have, I am here to help ๐Ÿ™‚

For starters, all of the supplements I currently use on a regular basis are from the company 1st Phorm. I love this company and they put a ton of work into ensuring the quality of their products. Their goal is to educate and truly HELP people, not just sell a bunch of crap supplements. The brand/company truly does make a difference and I have found how important quality over quantity is, which is why I stick to 1st Phorm and recommend their products to my own friends/family/clients as well!


Alright, now we’ll get started! I chose to start with the product “Micro Factor” because it is one of the foundational products. What do I mean by “foundational”? Well, you know how if you’re building a house you start with a strong foundation and build up from there? Yeah, same concept. Many people are always wanting to jump to flashier products like fat burners when they haven’t even focused on laying a foundation for their health yet. In order to create habits for long lasting and sustainable results, we need to start with filling the gaps in our diets with the nutrients we need to function optimally!

So what is Micro Factor? It is a complete daily nutrient pack that has six high-quality components to it:

  1. Multivitamin
    • Increase cognitive function
    • Improve muscle recovery
    • Support healthy metabolic function
    • Promote energy production
  2. Antioxidant
    • Support immune system
    • Remove free radicals
    • Slow the aging process
  3. Probiotic
    • Promote a healthy digestive system
    • Enhance nutrient absorption
    • Boost immune system
  4. Fruits + Veggies
    • Full spectrum superfood
    • Cardiovascular protection
    • Reduce cholesterol
  5. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)
    • Lower inflammation
    • Improve joint health
    • Decrease blood pressure
    • Promote mental clarity
  6. CoQ10
    • Increase nutrient uptake
    • Support heart health
    • Improve cellular energy production

By consuming this packet every single day (with a meal), you are filling the gaps in your diet and creating a strong foundation. Could this product be replicated by whole foods? You bet. Are the majority of us consuming the foods on a regular basis that WILL fill those gaps? Definitely not. That is why we call them “supplements” because we are using them to “supplement” a gap in our diet that we are not satisfying on our own. By taking Micro Factor every single day, you will be creating that strong foundation and therefore sustaining an overall healthier life in the future.

Another bonus: the convenience of Micro Factor! With everything you need in one little pack, it makes it super easy to grab each day without having to remember 6 different bottles. It is also very convenient for traveling and being on the go.

A 30 day supply of Micro Factor costs $65. With 6 servings of nutrients in EACH packet, that comes out to $0.36 per individual nutrient serving, and $2.16 per day. If you were to compare Micro Facts to another product(s) with the SAME quality, you will find that Micro Factor is a very cost efficient option. There is also an option on the website to save $5 by doing “EasyPhorm” (monthly subscription).

To get FREE shipping on Micro Factor (and any other 1st Phorm products), click HERE.

I hope you guys found this first post to be helpful and educational! What questions do you have? Drop them below or shoot me a message ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time,


Disclaimer: I am affiliated with 1st Phorm and will receive a small commission if you choose to shop through my link.

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