Hey all! I hope you had fun and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! This week I am planning to clean some things that aren’t always on my normal cleaning list. I wanted to share the 10 things on my list this week that I will be cleaning. You might find a few things on this list that you haven’t done in a while either! 🙂

  1. Clean tooth brush holder (and change out toothbrush). Whether you keep your toothbrush in a toothbrush holder, cup, or drawer organizer it is a good idea to sanitize/wash your toothbrush holder to prevent bacteria.
  2. Wash fruit basket. I keep a basket on my counter top that I put my fruit in. I make sure to wash my fruit basket about every other week to keep it clean and also to prevent gnats.
  3. Deep clean dryer vent. Of course I always wipe out my dryer venter after every load. About once a month I take my vacuum with the narrow pipe attachment and vacuum out the lint that falls through the screen down into the dryer. It is so important to do this to prevent a fire.
  4. Clean the washer. I do this every other week typically after I wash my pups bedding. My washer actually has a setting for this that is called “Self Clean.” This helps prevent any build up in the washer.
  5. Vacuum underneath furniture. I vacuum my house multiple times a week, but don’t always pull out my couch, recliner, bed, dresser, etc.
  6. Wipe out refrigerator and freezer. I am always on top of removing food from the fridge and keeping it organized, but I try to wipe out my fridge every other week if not at least once a month.
  7. Vacuum/clean out vehicle. This task is never ending especially since my pup rides with me all the time 🙂
  8. Sanitizer remotes/light switches/outlets. Hello germs! Think how many things you touch with your hands throughout the day and then the first thing you do when you get home is turn on the lights. gross.
  9.  Wash bedding. You should change out your sheets once a week! I do this and then wash my comforter once or twice a month. You spend 8 hours a day (or should) sleeping, you want to be in a clean bed. Side note: check the care label of your sheets first, but wash your bedding in the hottest water possible to kill germs and bacteria.
  10. Wash pet bedding and bowls. I do this every other week to help prevent my pup from contracting viruses or disease.
  11. Bonus: If you have kids: sanitize kids toys. Such an easy way to help avoid germs and bacteria in the home. My pup dropped one of her toys in the dishwasher when I wasn’t looking last week. It came out looking like new 🙂


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