Hey Everyone!

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend! Which means… a three day weekend 🙂 We have put together a lot of yummy recipes (some healthy and some not so healthy) for you to help your weekend be a success! Each day we will be posting two recipes for you. So make sure you are subscribed to our blog so you don’t miss out!

In the meantime, we wanted to share some tips and tricks with you…

  1. Look for the deals and ads! So many grocery stores run ads leading up to memorial day. Take advantage of the deals, but only on what you will actually use or that can put in the freezer.
  2. Buy in bulk! Costco, Sam’s Club, and other stores have great prices if you buy in bulk. Some local grocery stores will also give you a deal, just ask!
  3. Buy your fruit frozen if possible! Compare the frozen vs. fresh fruit prices. Some fruit is quite a bit cheaper frozen rather than fresh and vice versa.
  4. Purchase “store brand” rather than “name brand” products. Store brand can be quite a bit cheaper than name brand. However, make sure to consider the quality of the item… sometimes the quality of the items are not comparable.
  5. Prep your snacks, meals, and desserts for the weekend ahead of time if possible! This can definitely make your weekend less stressful! Not everything can be prepped and frozen ahead of time, but in that case, plan out your meals, shopping list, and recipes ahead of time.
  6. Delegate food responsibilities. It is OK to ask friends and family that are coming over for the holiday weekend to bring a dish, side, or dessert. You can’t do everything! If you are the one visiting, offer to bring food with you. 🙂

We hope you use these tips and tricks that work for us! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out on any of recipes this week!


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