Since it’s already May 8 (yes I know, I need to get it together), we decided to have the May monthly challenge go into June as well. That way we’ve all got plenty of time to crush this month’s challenge! 🙂 So what is our challenge this month?

Exercise 4x a week!

For some, this may seem like a lot, and for others, it may not. However, this is the crazy time of year where everyone jumps on their “diets” and starts thinking about exercising. Because of this, we wanted to have a challenge where you’re not trying to do anything crazy or unrealistic. The goal is simply to exercise your body in a way that you enjoy four times a week! Maybe that’s hitting the gym to lift weights, or maybe it’s getting together with a friend and going for a walk. The key is to exercise your body in a way that makes you feel good! If you don’t enjoy it, chances are that it’s not going to last. Exercise is so beneficial for us! By incorporating some type of exercise into your routine, you will FEEL better and create healthy habits that will improve your overall health in the long run.

Different types of exercise:

  • lifting weights
  • going on a walk/run
  • riding your bicycle
  • cross fit
  • group fitness class
  • kickboxing
  • pilates or yoga
  • The list goes on!!

Tips for getting started:

  • Pick an exercise you enjoy doing 😉
  • Have a friend/spouse/family member go with you!
  • Lay out your clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc. the night before so you are ready to go.
  • Pick out an outfit that you feel confident in!
  • Look on the internet or ask others for ideas when planning your workout. I post videos on Instagram (@fitnessbykristen) all the time with workouts, there’s free information everywhere!
  • Hold yourself accountable. Set a reminder on your phone or have your friend text every week and as you how it went!

I hope these tips and ideas are helpful to you! We’re going to officially start this challenge next week (May 12), so we’ll have 7 full weeks to crush it! We’ve also created a template on Instagram that you can screenshot and cross off each day that you exercise! It’ll be a great way to hold yourself accountable and share your progress with us 🙂 Be sure to look out for it!

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