Hi Everyone! As graduation season begins, we have put together a gift guide to help you. It is so easy and convenient to put some money in a card for graduates, but sometimes it is nice to actually give a gift. Especially, for the kids you are closer to such as relatives, your friends’ kids, or family friends. There are ideas on this gift guide that vary in price and work for both males and females!

Each item is linked – click on the name of the product and you can check it out!

  1. Towel Set – You can’t go wrong with a set of towels! This set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 4 wash cloths. There are other color options as well!
  2. ID Key Chain – This so handy in college! Kristen and I both had one (well she still does). This key chain has a place for your ID on the outside and a zipper pouch for money. Not mention so many cute prints to pick from 🙂
  3. Laundry Basket – This a pack of 6 laundry baskets! Now, before you call me crazy, hear me out! This would be a great buy and then purchase 3 towel sets (from #1). Divide the towels out among the laundry baskets and you would have SIX gifts ready to go! Super simple and inexpensive!
  4. Overnight Weekender Bag -I think this bag is so cute! I love the leather and print together. This bag comes in 7 different colors.
  5. Under Armour Duffle Bag – This duffle bag comes in 23 different colors and 3 different sizes! This bag is perfect for going to the gym or traveling.
  6. Yeti Rambler – I have several Yeti ramblers and love them. You don’t have to be a coffee drinker to enjoy this mug. This rambler comes in 18 colors to choose from. You could also stuff the yeti with money, a gift card, or candy. 🙂
  7. Computer Case, Keyboard cover, & Protector – Every year students invest in a nice computer and it is so important to protect it especially if students are going to be taking their computer to class with them. This includes a computer case, keyboard cover, and a screen protector. There are 30 different colors and designs that fit anyone!
  8. Water bottle – Perfect for anyone! These water bottles come in over 40 different colors/designs and different sizes. Just like I mentioned with the Yeti, you could put money, a gift card, or candy inside the water bottle.
  9. Erin Condren Academic Planner – AHHH!!!! I am obsessed with these planners! This is an “undated” 12 month planner meaning it is completely customizable for anyone. It comes in 8 different designs/patterns. These planners are so cute and can make school a little more fun 🙂
  10. Sheet Set – These sheets come in  5 different colors. I know several people that have purchased these and love them. I will definitely be purchasing these soon!
  11. Portable Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag – This waterproof bag is perfect for students if they are going to be living in the dorms or an apartment! This bag comes in different colors and patterns that are suitable for either a male or female.
  12. Bluetooth Speaker – I have this bluetooth speaker and it is great quality for the price!

You can also check out our Favorite Kitchen Essentials for more gift ideas for your graduate! I hope you found this guide to be helpful and will refer back to it in the future! Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, subscribe! 🙂

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