Hey there! I have rounded up my kitchen favorites. I have used all of these items and I love them! I use all of these items every week and they have held up well. This year, I even purchased some of these items for my kitchens at school (I’m a FACS teacher) and they are still in great shape with kids using them multiple times a week. (the ultimate test πŸ™‚ ) Each item is linked – click on the name of the product and you can check it out! If your living on your own, these items would be a great investment. Or… if you know someone that is graduating soon and living on their own, these items would make great gifts!

  1. Crockpot – A crockpot is a MUST! Whether you have a busy day ahead or meal prepping, this crockpot can make your life so much easier. I really like how this crockpot has a timer.
  2. Jelly Roll Pan – I love USA pans. They withstand use and do not warp! I use jelly roll pans ALL of the time especially for cooking 1 pan meals.
  3. Pyrex Storage Containers – I use this set of pyrex dishes constantly whether I am storing leftovers, making my healthy cookie dough dip, or packing my lunch. I really think these containers are so much better than plastic tupperware because they clean up easy, don’t crack or stain.
  4. Basic Knife Set – This is the perfect knife set for common and basic prep in the kitchen. Also, budget friendly!
  5. Oven Mitts – These oven mitts are amazing! They are professional/commercial grade and are long enough to cover your forearm to prevent burns. These mitts are silicone so it easy to rinse them off and let them air-dry or you can through them in the washing machine.
  6. Cutting Board – I am little picky when it comes to cutting boards… I don’t like wood cutting boards because they do absorb juices and germs which makes it nearly impossible to actually get the cutting board clean. This cutting board is plastic and has edges that grip to the countertop to prevent sliding.
  7. Frying Pans – These Rachael Ray frying pans are amazing! The nonstick lining holds up so well (unless you use metal on the pan! which is a no, no!). They also come in many different colors. πŸ™‚
  8. Cookware Set – Need more than frying pans? This the perfect complete cookware set for your daily needs! The set includes 3 frying pans (1 w/ a lid), 2 saucepans w/ lids, 1 stock pot w/ a lid, 1 slotted spoon, and 1 turner.
  9. Ninja Blender Set – This blender has the large pitcher and 2 personal size bottles for smoothies on the go! I have also used this blender in place a food processor and it works great. πŸ™‚
  10. KitchenAid Utensils Set – This is the perfect utensil set for someone just starting out on their own, getting married, or to even replace some of your old utensils.Β  I have all of these utensils at home (and at school) and they hold up well! They aren’t flimsy and don’t melt like some other brands.
  11. Flour Sack Drying Towels – One of my biggest pet peeves is kitchen towels that are not absorbent and leave lint on dishes. These towels are perfect for drying dishes!
  12. KitchenAid Standing Mixer – I included this mixer on our Women’s Birthday Gift Guide back in January. I have this mixer in hot pink and I love it! It is a great investment that will last a long time.

I hope you found this Kitchen Essentials Guide to be helpful and will refer back to it in the future! Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, subscribe! πŸ™‚

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