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It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been on here! I had spring break recently and it was nice to take a break from social media for a little bit. But no worries, I’m back! We’re really wanting to get in a better groove with everything so please let us know what types of content you guys want to see 🙂

Let’s get to today’s topic: cheap grocery shopping for fruits and veggies! I know that so many people think eating healthy is so expensive. Well, I grocery shop for myself every week at Walmart for ~$50! So I beg to differ 😉 One of the biggest things I always try to incorporate into my nutrition is yummy fruit and allllll the veggies! There are so many amazing benefits and micronutrients in fruits and vegetables so it is important to incorporate them into your diet. And no, they don’t have to be expensive! So I wanted to break it down and share with you guys the best things to buy fresh and frozen. Your wallet will be thanking you 🙂

Let’s start with FRUIT!


  • Bananas ($0.20/lb.)
  • Kiwi ($0.48 each)
  • Navel Orange ($0.50 each)
  • Avocados ($0.78 each)
  • Gala Apples ($0.88 each)
  • Fresh Nectarines ($0.91/lb.)


  • Berries (strawberries, raspberries, mixed berries) ($1.98/16 oz.)
  • Mixed Fruit, Peaches, Mango Chunks, Pineapple Chunks ($2.36/16 oz.)
  • Blueberries ($2.47/16 oz.)

Now onto the VEGGIES!


  • Red Potatoes ($0.29/lb.)
  • Fresh Corn on the Cob ($0.50 each)
  • Russett Baking Potatoes ($0.78/lb.)
  • Green Bell Peppers ($0.68 each)
  • Cucumbers ($0.68/lb.)
  • Zucchini ($0.81 each)
  • Whole Carrots ($0.88/lb. bag)
  • Yellow Squash ($0.89 each)
  • Sweet Potatoes ($1.28/lb.)
  • Iceberg Lettuce ($1.48 each)
  • Celery ($1.78 each)


  • Steamable Mixed Vegetables, Green Beans, Broccoli Cuts ($0.80/12 oz. OR $0.07/oz.)
  • Broccoli Florets, Whole Kernel Corn, Sweet Pease, Cauliflower, Chopped Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Chopped Kale,  ($1.00/12 oz. OR ($0.09/oz.)
  • Shredded Hash Browns ($1.66/26 oz. OR $0.07/oz.)

FYI – All of these prices are from the Walmart Grocery site. Prices may vary from store to store.

Now I’m sure that I’m missing some, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to be to the most cost-efficient with fruits and veggies. With fruits, it can vary with what’s in season, because that will always be cheaper! I personally stick to buying bananas and oranges fresh and do all my berries frozen. It’s also convenient to buy frozen because it will last much longer. You don’t want to pay for fresh fruit and end up throwing it out! With vegetables, I buy lettuce/spinach, potatoes, and peppers fresh! And I do all of my broccoli, cauliflower, and hashbrowns frozen.

I’m all about ballin’ on a budget and love sharing my tips with you guys! Be sure to like this post and comment below if you enjoyed it 🙂 Or have any other tips!

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