Our monthly challenge for March 2019 is…

Read One Book!

We want to challenge our readers to read one book during the month of March. If you aren’t into reading or may not have time to set aside to read, you can still purchase and download the audio version of a book. Reading can be enjoyable and fun if you find a book you are into!

We have created a list of books that we have personally read and recommend, books that are on our list to read, and some that we have heard about that have good reviews. The book Kristen and I just finished was Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. If you haven’t read it yet, you DEFINITELY NEED to!

Some helpful tips if you’re not exactly a “reader”:

  • Make it a goal to read 1 chapter a day.
  • Make time for 20-30 minutes of reading before you go to bed (instead of scrolling through social media ;))
  • Find a designated spot in your house to read that’s free of distractions (and cozy!)
  • Get a buddy! Or better yet a book club! Having others to keep you accountable is awesome, plus it gives you a reason to get together and talk about it! (We should totally start a Sister Tribe book club now that I think about it)
  • Choose a book that actually interests you! Whether that’s a personal development book or a Nicholas Sparks romance.

Make sure to comment below any books or tips that you recommend!

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