Hello all! February has been a cold month full of snow in Minnesota and snow days for me as a teacher. I have used my snow days to go through my house and purge. I have a huge stack of clothes to sell or donate, several bags of trash, and so on. Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of things, I still have a lot of reorganizing to do. I swear, I clean and organize and then I do it like 5 more times until I am actually satisfied. My linen closet being one of those areas in my house. Our February challenge inspired me to finally finish my linen closet.

So here is the before… go ahead, judge me. It is a wreck, I know.

Now, let’s break down this linen closet and give me a little credit. I do have my stuff sorted! I have all of my hair products in one basket, medicine in one tote, nail polish in a 31 zipper pouch, all my table linens on one shelf, and so on.

My mom is literally going to be reading this and be like, “Seriously, Rach, and you make fun of my linen closet?” šŸ™‚

My goals for this project:

  1. Recover the shelving. The contact paper that was on the shelving was ugly and was only on the front half of each shelf.
  2. Have all my baskets/totes match.
  3. Get rid of anything that I had not used in the past 6 months +.

First thing I did was pull everything out and sort through it again. I got rid of headbands that I haven’t worn, expired medicine, old shampoo/conditioner travel bottles, stretched out ponytail holders, dried up nail polish, and a few other little things.

Next, I took out the shelves… they just lifted up. I pulled off the old contact paper. It came off really easily for me. I just wiped each shelf clean so the new contact paper would adhere well.

Now, the contact paper. Love/hate relationship after this project. A few learning moments for me:

  1. Read the instructions that come with the contact paper FIRST. Oops šŸ™‚
  2. Leave enough excess on the sides to make sure it sticks well when you wrap the sides of the shelf. Leave about 4 inches. The first time I left like an inch, it didn’t work.
  3. Use a gift card or something similar to ensure the contact paper sticks really well and all of the air bubbles are out. I used a dry washcloth the first time and that didn’t work so well.

Looking back, that should have been common sense, but I was just winging it. Below is a picture of the contact paper I used. I got it from Amazon for $11.00 and it worked really well for me when I actually figured out what I was doing. The roll is 18 inches by 20 ft and I had enough for my entire linen closet plus a little left over. Click here to shop.

Next, I had to assemble my baskets…and by assemble I mean unfold them, put the bottom piece in, and then put the handles on. I just had to tie a knot on each end of the rope. Super easy and quick. Below is a picture of how they arrived and how they look assembled. My baskets are from Storage Works in a size large. They come in a set of 3 for $23.99 from Amazon.Ā  click here to shop.






I purchased two sets of three baskets. I have one basket for each of the following: washcloths/hand towels, nail polish/nail care, hair products, medicine, table linens, and bedding.

Here is the after:

Final Product! So much better!


And just to compare again…

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