My first blog post!!! I’m so excited to start doing these for you guys! I’m not for sure yet how often I will do them, just because school is busy and I need ideas LOL! So I would love for you guys to let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions for blog posts 🙂

Alright, so I recently did a poll on my Instagram about if people would be interested in a blog post about my favorite workout/gym clothing. Well, the people spoke and here we are! I thought doing a blog post would be better than just an IG post/stories because then I can explain a little bit more about the items. I included as many direct links as possible for you guys as well! Some are items I have and love, some are also cute and cheap ones that I found! I also promised it wouldn’t be (too) long so here we go!

Also – I apologize for all the flexing pics in this post, LOL, I just wanted to show you guys what the clothes look like that I personally have!


So a lot of the tank tops I wear to the gym are actually from New Dawn Nutrition in Omaha, which is my favorite supplement company. They’re super awesome and throw in a free tank a lot of times when I’m there! The designs are sweet and I love the fit, so if you ever get down there they have some pretty cool apparel! They’re typically a classic/basic tank top style with a racerback (my FAV) and have a snug and athletic fit, which is what I prefer when I’m working out. Other than that, like I said, my tops are pretty random and I don’t necessarily have an absolute favorite brand.

Nike – I like Nike tank tops because they’re good for the gym AND outside of the gym. I wear my Nike tanks a bunch in the summertime when I’m outside doing different activities. They’re typically around $30, which isn’t terrible. But I recommend checking out the clearance rack, the factory stores and places like TJ MAXX to find name brand clothes for a lot cheaper! I’m typically a size small/medium for reference.

White cropped tank I have this one and love it!

Some other cute ones I found for cheap:

Gymshark – I definitely love the long sleeve seamless tops from Gymshark! I have a grey cropped one and a purple normal long sleeve one too. I prefer my clothes to be more tight fitting, not a fan of baggy workout clothes, so the seamless tops from Gymshark are perfect for leg day! The seamless Gymshark tops are $35, and I definitely recommend getting neutral colors so they can match a lot of other things. I also have the seamless tank top and really like it! I have a medium in these tops.

FYI – A lot of Gymshark stuff is currently sold out because of their recent huge sales, but I’m sure they will all get restocked soon!

Old Navy/Gap – I also have a decent amount of tanks from Old Navy/Gap – I can’t remember specifically which store. But I like getting solid/plain colored tanks from places like this because they’re typically really cheap, around $5 or so! I also have a tank top from here that is a cotton racerback tank (grey) and for some reason, they’re really long, and it bugs me when shirts bunch up at the bottom. BUT if you’re looking to do some DIY crop tops, this is the perfect place to get your tops! I have a small or medium in these tanks too.

Some super cute and cheap ones I found:

Seriously I love all of these, might need to grab a few for myself haha! Also, don’t forget to apply the discount codes for Old Navy/Gap because they almost always have sales going on!

KEFI – I only have a couple cropped tanks from here, but I love them! And they’re super cheap! I got them for $12 each I think, but they’re $8 now!! I know not everybody likes cropped tops so these may not trip your trigger, but they also do have a couple regular styled tanks that are super cute and cheap too! They also recently came out with new leggings called “sculpt” and I’ve seen a lot of really great reviews on those as well! I got these tanks in medium too.

Wow I miss being this tan…

Sports Bras

Okay, so when it comes to sports bras I’m definitely a little pickier!

Nike – The classic medium support sports bras are my absolute favorite! I always prefer to wear these, especially for the gym, because they have perfect support and keep everything in place when I’m being active. They retail for $35 these days I think, but you can often find them cheaper at places like Kohl’s JCPenny! At factory stores and places like Scheel’s/Dick’s the clearance rack usually has a good amount, but usually, the ones on sale are colorful patterns! I wear a medium in these.

Some good deals that I found for the ones I like:

Walmart – I know this sounds random but hear me out! A couple of my favorite sports bras are from Walmart! To be honest, I don’t know what the style name of them is or anything, but they’re cheap! I think I’ve gotten them for around $10-15. So it’s definitely worth it to at least check it out! I actually found one at Walmart where the straps go straight back, they don’t cross in the back or anything, so its perfect to wear with sweaters/nicer tops, and much comfier! I also do have a couple pair of shorts from Walmart as well! I don’t wear shorts to the gym very often, if ever. But I like them for being outside in the summer and lounging.

I actually found one that I have, and I really like this one! Good support and I wear it to the gym a lot! – Avia Women’s Medium Impact Colorblock Elastic Strap Sports Bra 


Alright, this is the big one! At least for me, haha! Quality leggings that fit the way I want, are very hard to find.

Lululemon – I know you’re probably hating me right now because these leggings do retail at around $98. But they are well worth every penny, I promise! These are so soft and buttery, and fit so nice! I don’t have to constantly pull them up during my workout, which is something that drives me nuts. The reason that I can justify spending that much money on leggings is that I love to wear them at the gym AND outside of the gym. They’re perfect for a comfy/cozy/athleisure style, as well as with a sweater and boots if you want to dress it up more! I have the “align pant” and the “wunder under tight” and I love them both! The “wunder unders” have more compression and are a thicker fabric I would say. Trust me, if you get either of these leggings you will want to wear them all the time! I love the very plain/simple style of them because it gives you a lot of options. If you check the sale rack at stores, as well as the “We Made Too Much” category on the website, you can find things on sale. But like most places, it’s typically colored/patterned pieces. But I do know that if you’re a certified personal trainer (might be other options too) you get a discount, so definitely look into that (or find a friend that’s a trainer LOL) and you can save some money! Poshmark and swap sites are other good places to find them cheaper/used. I used to think it was ridiculous to spend a hundred dollars on ONE pair of leggings, but to be honest they’re worth it. They also do repairs etc. on leggings for free so if something ever happens to them you can take it to a store and get them replaces/fixed no problem! I wear a size 6.

These are both the align pants. Left/pink is full length and the right/navy is 7/8. I’m 5′ 9”.

I also have the full length “wunder unders” and the cropped length, and the cropped tights are perfect! They hit my leg right in between my knee and ankle, which is awesome because a lot of cropped leggings are always shorter on me!

Forever 21 – Okay so I have definitely learned to not underestimate Forever 21’s gym clothing! I have 3 pairs of the seamless cropped leggings and I love them! The best part? They’re $12.90 a pair. So… if you’re not ready to commit to something like Lululemon then I’d definitely recommend checking out Forever 21! I have yet to get any tanks/tops from there (mostly because that store can be unorganized LOL) but I follow tons of people that get a lot of super cute gym clothing from there for super cheap! I wear a size small in the seamless leggings, and they fit great! The only thing I will say is that the waistband gets slightly loose sometimes, but not to the point where it drives me nuts! There is also a full-length version of the same leggings, but for some reason, they have a seam right in the front, which isn’t the most flattering thing (ladies you know)… so I didn’t like those as much when I tried them on… but the capris are perfect!

These are the seamless leggings that I have (above) – Active Seamless Capri Leggings

(These are also both New Dawn tops that I have and wear a lot!)

I actually found a similar full-length version that is seamless and has an ombre pattern (no front seam) – Active Ombre Stripe Leggings

Gymshark – My favorite style of leggings from Gymshark is definitely the energy seamless! These are $55, so a little more affordable. They are high waisted and very flattering! The only thing with Gymshark leggings, for me, is that they often have designs on them or are brighter colors, so I only ever wear them at the gym. I’ve seen a lot of people wear them out and about, but I personally don’t because I prefer plain styles of leggings for that. So this is why I’ve slightly shied away from Gymshark leggings because I want to buy clothes that I will wear in more than one situation. BUT they are great for the gym and if you do exercise 5-6x/week then you get plenty of use!

Nike – I have a few pairs of Nike cropped leggings that I LOVE for when I’m going on a walk or doing active things outside! I don’t wear them to the gym that often because a lot of them are not high waisted, which I prefer when going to the gym. But I wear them all the time when I’m doing outdoor activities! I also find a TON of my Nike clothes from Kohls! They have a pretty good selection and stuff is always on sale! I also have a pair of Nike thermal leggings that I literally wear 2-3x/week in the winter time! I wear a medium in pretty much all of them.

Also – I personally do NOT have any gym leggings from Old Navy/Gap or Fabletics, but I have seen a lot of people that do and they really like them! I just haven’t tried them out yet, but I’m sure its worth a shot! They are both also very affordable options, which is awesome 🙂


I’ve had the same pair of gym shoes for a while now, so I haven’t tried out a TON to review, but I will definitely still share my favs with you!

Nike Flex Supreme Women’s Training Shoes – This is the style that I have now and have worn for 1 – 1/2 years I think? And I love them! I did put arch supports in them because I have a higher arch, but that’s all personal preference etc. When it comes to shoes specific for exercising, I definitely recommend trying them on and doing a little research! Different styles are definitely made for different purposes, so you want to make sure you’re getting a good shoe for what you’re going to wear them for!

Nike Flex Supreme Womens Training Shoes

Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Lite Racer Adapt Men’s Sneakers – Dylan just got me these as an early Christmas gift and I am IN LOVE!! 🙂 I’ve had my eye on laceless sneakers for a while and these are perfect! We got them through Kohl’s for $60, which is a heck of a steal compared to other similar styles/brands. I love (certain) laceless shoes because they are so sleek looking and it’s nice to have a shoe that’s actually meant to just be slipped on and off, without having to tie/untie the laces every time. I don’t worry about that as much with my everyday tennis shoes, but I have always been careful about tying/untying the laces of my gym shoes, just to keep them in nice condition. And yes these are men’s haha, but I got them in an 8 (I’m a 9.5 in women’s) and they fit perfect, and you can’t even tell! Also, if you’re an 8.5 in women’s (I’m pretty sure) or smaller, you can fit into boys shoes so definitely look into that if you wanna save some money! 🙂

adidas NEO Cloudfoam Lite Racer Adapt Men’s Sneakers

Target – I personally haven’t worn these to the gym, but I wear them all the time besides that! They’re super comfy and a perfect day-to-day shoe. And super cute!! I love grey shoes because they go with EVERYTHING! I found these at Target for $35.

Women’s Drive 4 Spacedye Heathered Sneakers – C9 Champion

Okay, I’m done! If you made it this far, you’re amazing! 🙂 I tried my best to share my favorite brands/stores when it comes to gym clothes, and I hope it was helpful! I apologize in advance that I wasn’t able to find links for everything, some pieces I’ve just had for so long that it’s hard to find them now! But I did have some good luck finding super cute items at a cheap price for you guys! Which is what I’m always looking for #collegekid.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! It truly means more to me than you know 🙂


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