COMMIT to yourself

is a health and fitness program available through a monthly subscription. I created this program for those that need extra guidance when it comes to exercising, as well as resources to help navigate creating a healthier lifestyle.

Regardless of your experience and skill level, this program will be easily customizable to fit your personal needs and preferences.

I have a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences and am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


What’s included?

There is a lot more to this monthly program than just workouts.

Content will be updated on a weekly basis to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful! You will learn how to modify the workouts for at home use, as well as how to adjust them for your own skill level and preferences. I will help you navigate eating out and socializing with friends, while still still reaching your goals.

COMMIT to becoming the best version of yourself. I promise, you’ll never regret it.

Weekly Workouts

New workouts every single week. These can be done in a gym OR at home!

Video Demonstration

For each exercise, there will be a video demonstration so you know exactly what you’re doing!

Minimal Equipment

All workouts can be done at home with dumbbells and resistance bands.

Educational Videos

New videos will be uploaded weekly to provide you with even more resources to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Facebook Group

A Facebook Group to interact and engage with other participants, ask questions, participate in giveaways, and receive regular updates!

Ready to get started?

For only $10/month.